Social media specialist

I completed the Social Media Specialist certification program through Linn Benton Community College’s #LBiLearn online program. Although I entered the program primarily to learn about how to package my writing within social media channels, I came away with much more. The program gave me practical website and social media channel development skills, including how to:

  • Create web pages and social media accounts
  • Develop social media policies
  • Write compelling posts and blogs with embedded video and images
  • Research and take advantage of new technologies and trends
  • Conduct online surveys
  • Analyze website and social media impact
  • Improve search engine optimization
  • Use social media marketing in for-profit and not-for-profit arenas
  • Find creative resources on the web without violating copyright laws
  • Engage followers based on social media demographics
  • Convert followers into customers


And now for my backstory. Having grown up blue collar in the Midwest, I captured fireflies in jars with a gaggle of siblings, winced as I ate rhubarb from my nonna’s garden, and lip-synced to Diana Ross. As a young woman, I lived with my Italian Catholic parents while attending college, paying my tuition with tips from the Chinese restaurant where I waitressed. I used my bachelor’s degree in communication arts and master’s degree in English literature to launch a career in public relations and marketing copy writing, first for a university and then an international technology company with more than 100,000 employees.

As a single, 30-something, I bought my first house. Then comes love, marriage, the birth of our daughter, and what we Westerners call a mid-life crisis. Thanks to Jungian analyst and author, James Hollis, I’ve come to know this crisis as my second half of life. While the first half is dedicated to fulfilling expected roles for family and community, the second half is devoted to understanding Self and finding meaning. As often happens during the second half, my relationships evolved. A year after my divorce, I reunited with my first love and finally recognized that my daughter and I are two separate people.

Not the end. Not even close.
I continue to search for meaning while living in a small town on the Oregon coast, fundraising for a rural hospital, practicing yoga to help maintain balance and vigor, learning Italian online with language partners in Rome and Sarzana, and writing fiction for, and about, women in our second half of life.