Attention please! Or how to lost your audience.

The Internet is flooded with blogs. You can hold your reader’s attention for a few seconds before he or she will click to someone else’s greener pasture. Here’s what not to do if you want to capture -- and hold -- your audience’s attention.

Shoot buckshot

Instead of shooting buckshot, pick a niche – both in audience and topic. Rather than, “coastal living” refine your subject to something like, “family life on the Oregon Coast.”


Don’t be contagious

OK. Be contagious. Your niche should be your passion. Social media consultant Caleb Storkey says, “Find your unique voice and be at peace with it. What do you get passionate about, what does your audience want and how can you make that passion contagious with your audience?”

Be a faceless organization

Your blog is about building relationships. People don’t want to engage with a company. Oprah is an empire. But everybody loves her. Audiences want a conversation with you or a character you create.

Focus on selling

Of course, you have something to sell, but don’t make that your primary mission or your audience will see right through you and click goodbye. Give your customers useful information so they’ll stay with you.

Be wordy

People are busy. Keep it tight.

Bore your audience

Instead of blanketing your page with words in reversed out 8-point type, make it legible and break it up with images and video that support your story.


Rely only on your own voice

Whatever you have to say, there are experts out there who can support you. Back yourself up with other voices and you will build credibility with your audience.

Don’t left-justify your images

People are accustomed to reading left to right so their eyes will naturally go there. Seize the opportunity and give them something special.


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