Brevity v Bombast


I chose to create a presence on both Pinterest and Twitter for one reason. Brevity. In this age of information overload, brevity trumps bombast. Therefore, I welcome the short but sweet challenge of creating stories and word images (a.k.a. poetry) in just 140 characters via tweets.


Pinterest offers the same challenge, although, the primary images are visual and the text serves more as captions. I’m eager to convey images, stories, emotions, maybe even calls to action, in these micro formats. I’m also eager to develop photography skills and exercise both sides of my brain. My photography tends to be about place, such as Italy, and nature, most often on the Oregon Coast. These also happen to be the settings of my two novels and, therefore, people interested in these locations may be interested in reading books with these backdrops.


The daily post

The other benefit of brevity is that I will be able to add new content daily because the posts are, well, short. My work schedule leaves me with limited disposable hours and so I believe I can keep up with at least one new post daily on each channel. However, I may be fooling myself. It’s easier to get a point across or tell a story when you have unlimited white space. Keeping it concise and compelling may be more of a challenge than I realize. We’ll find out.

Attracting followers

My audience is women in their second half of life, which usually means age, but it can also mean phase, as in, just divorced, just relocated, just emptied the nest or just realized that everything they’d ever thought about life was wrong. I realize that the Twitter demographic tends to be more Millennial than Boomer, but the challenge of the micro story is too juicy for me to pass up. The Pinterest demographic more closely aligns with that of my target audience. As I develop my voice on each of these social media channels, I plan to give just a taste, or “jab” as Gary Vaynerchuk would say, and inspire followers to go to my website for more.

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