Online reputation: Improve your cred

“Basically, online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone Googles your name.” (BrandYourself)

A Google search will most likely produce content you publish, a variety of directories – such as Yelp and Google+, customer reviews and comments (negative and positive), hate sites, and your responses.

Thanks to the Internet, much of the control over your business message is now in the consumers’ hands. Therefore, social media monitoring is a necessary business function.

“Simply put, social media monitoring allows companies to gather public online content…process it, and see whether something negative or positive is being said affecting their reputation,” said Dan Virgillito.

Building trust
Because transparency can help build trust with the consumer, it is critical to creating a solid online reputation. That means responding quickly and professionally to negative posts and taking action when they’re defamatory.

You can’t control consumers, but you can ensure accurate directories, professional content and quick responses.

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