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“…your social media presence can greatly increase your search rankings,” said contributor Jayson DeMers. According to DeMers, social media helps you increase the number of followers you have, which affects your ranking – or the order in which your content appears – when someone searches the Internet. So how do you increase your followers?

Content. Content. Content.
Create quality content – and then make the most of it. Link to useful information developed by influencers, those people who interest your audience. For example, I tweeted a video by Jungian analyst and author, James Hollis, on mid life – two of my favorite topics.

Cynthia Johnson, director of social media marketing at ranklab suggests that you build relationships with influencers and ask them to link to you. DeMers concurs, “the more diverse external links you have, the more authority you’ll gain in Google’s eyes.” I’m going to a James Hollis workshop in Portland this weekend so maybe I can start building that connection.

Go local
DeMers also recommends that you post information about your presence at local events because people searching for that event my find you as well. “…any time your company attends a local festival, trade show, or other event, take pictures and make a post, inviting other local residents to comment. This reinforces your participation in the community, and makes you more visible in local searches.”

Say what?
Johnson recommends tools like Demographics Pro and Nuvi to learn what’s trending on social media. Say your demographic is posting about ways to switch careers in mid life. You can create content that addresses that issue, which meets your readership’s need and helps boost followers.

DeMers suggests creating interactive content, like a survey, to increase sharing. Sharing boosts your followers and your credibility in the eyes of Google. I posted “When was the moment you realized that you were middle aged?” on Facebook. No one shared it, but I got 30 funny and heartwarming responses – definitely future blog material.
When was the moment you realize that you were middle age?

The idea of posting interactive content impacted me the most because that is a great way to create a conversation, which can lead to blog ideas and more followers.

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