Social media boosts not-for-profit exposure

The great thing about social media is that most of it is free. That four-letter word is music to a not-for-profit director’s ears. While mass marketing was once the purview of wealthy businesses, now anyone with a laptop and a dictionary (not necessarily required) can spread the word far and wide.

According to The Balance, “Social media is a cost-effective option for nonprofit organizations to market themselves without needing an exorbitant amount of funding. The report showed that nonprofits were leading both corporations and universities in the use of social media tools.”

Build a movement
Marketing communications is essential to creating a movement for not-for-profits by helping to build community, says Courtney Spence of Students of the World. And these tools are available to anyone.

Tell a story
Social media provides opportunities to tell stories from the point of view of donors, through testimonial videos on YouTube, for example, and from the perspective of people who are helped by a not-for-profit. It also gives an organization the opportunity to educate your audience about your cause in a way that isn’t about you. For example, a health care organization can post health related articles from other sources so that your audience looks to you for information – not just as an organization in need of funding. In addition, social media can help you attract volunteers from the community that you build.

Social media or bust

While almost every generation has jumped on board by way of smart phones, Millennials get all of their information via social media according to Leah Swartz. So if you want to capture their hearts and minds, social media will get you there.

Millenials looking at technology

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