Where’s the gate? Or attributes of a good blog.

To explore the attributes of a good blog, I’ll compare the Popsugar and Creative Market websites with Penny Juice and GatesnFences. On Popsugar’s website, I met Lisa Sugar, a successful entrepreneur with a satisfying family life. Lisa seems like an actual person who I can get to know. While Lisa is obviously selling her book, she does so in a way that makes me feel like she wants to share her secrets so that I can be happy, too. Her site includes a variety of stories for women but doesn't have a niche, which is important in capturing an audience. Travel blogger Kristen Sarah explains:

While Penny Juice has a niche audience, daycare centers, it lacks personality. Rather than introducing a character, “Who is Penny Juice?” leads to a page of quotes from customers in an effort to sell product, without offering useful information.


The hot colors throughout the site are distracting and the white text in all caps is hard to read. There are no imbedded videos or quotes from experts about, for example, the nutritional value of Penny Juice.

Adding Value

The Creative Market site is clean, colorful, and easy to both read and navigate. The font size is legible and paragraphs are broken up with subheadings and images. The images are justified left and they support the text.


Quotes from experts, like the creative director of Mozilla, are used in the Creative Market blog. Ali Luke of Daily Blog Tips explains the value of quotes, “You too can borrow the wisdom of others to inspire and support your writing.”

On the other hand, the GatesnFences site has too much text and the font is too small. Their product is beautiful so images of their gates and fences should be the primary focus. But they’re not. The small images are lost in a sea of text and I don’t know where to look. Also, the images are not justified left, with the exception of a welding photo. I don’t want a welder in my yard. I want one of these beautiful iron gates.


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